sxswi – first real news

Sitting at Opal Divines — where (need I point this out?) the wifi and beer are WAY better than the convention center — I keep hearing the story of a keg that somehow rolled down stairs and took out a table. In the words of one tavern worker: it was the event of my life, man.

Dear Nerdz:
You need more kegs rolling down stairs.
I don’t fear for my life at sxswi. I think that’s a problem.

opal divines - fearing death

sxswi – monday vivisection

Walking into a loading dock full of nerdz drinking miller lite makes me feel like I’m walking into someone else’s grad school post seminar party.

No disrespect. I’m socially awkward too. The thing is, I was drunk at most of my grad seminars, so it make me feel like I’m at a perverse disadvantage when I’m walking into that shit sober.

But that was a really nice… uh… neon rainbow thing.

sxsw 2006 frog design

sxsw 2006 frog design