Fascist Enforcers

fascist enforcers in hot pants

In an effort to lash out at the world for the grinding horror of their sad meaningless jobs, flight attendants have taken to using sadistic paranoid hatred as a weapon against their helpless captives.

One passenger on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City was arrested for leaving his seat to go to the lavatory less than 30 minutes before landing (due to the incident, air marshals ordered all passengers to put their hands on their heads for the rest of the flight).

Tiny Tiny Lips


The only real communication anyone in the neighborhood had with her was when she called the police and fire departments on her next-door neighbor, Michelle Gandley, who had put out tiki lamps for a Hawaiian luau party….

Sekkr1t Sexxy

d00d!Whether Foggo had official dealings with prostitutes in Honduras or not, this was clearly a big problem. “Dusty would have been the perfect target of a counter-intelligence operation,” said one official who worked in Honduras at the time. “He had access and knowledge, and was reckless and visible. You’re only vulnerable if you make yourself vulnerable, and that’s what Dusty did.”

Complete Disaster

Yesterday, Josh Marshall regarding the proposed $260 billion aid package to the Gulf:

This will be Iraq all over again, with the same fetid mix of graft, zeal and hubris. Cronyism like you wouldn’t believe. Money blown on ideological fantasies and half-baked test-cases.

You could come up with a hundred reasons why that’s true. But at root intentions drive all. You’ll never separate this operation or its results from the fact that the people in charge see it as a political operation. The use of this money for political purposes, for what amounts to a political campaign, tells you everything you need to know about what’s coming.

Today, in the New York Times:

Republicans said Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Mr. Bush’s chief political adviser, was in charge of the reconstruction effort, which reaches across many agencies of government…

After four and a half years of this shit, the only constant seems to be that it can always get worse.

move small objects [2004]

A craigslist “telekenesis” job ad was posted to zota in July of 2003. The comments kept coming for nearly a year, turning in to an active forum for people desperate to move objects with their mind. (Still no word on who got hired.)

If you are interested in contributing to telekenesis (or telekinesis) research, please visit the LubberNet Telekenesis Node

The following are the comments through August 2004.

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lycos finance: Swiss Blocks Accounts in Oil Co. Probe

Swiss Blocks Accounts in Oil Co. Probe

3 December 2004, 4:26pm ET

GENEVA (AP) — Swiss justice authorities have blocked bank accounts containing $100 million in an investigation of an alleged bribery scandal tied to a subsidiary of Halliburton Co., the oil services company formerly headed by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney.

Geneva state investigator Daniel Dumartheray confirmed a report in the daily Tribune de Geneve that the freeze was imposed after France asked Switzerland to grant judicial assistance for its investigation in the case. He declined to identify the accountholders or the banks involved.

It was unclear whether the frozen money was part of the total $180 million allegedly paid by an international consortium to win contracts for a natural gas project in Nigeria between 1995 and 2002.

The French investigation, launched in October 2003, centers on allegations that the TSKJ consortium paid illegal commissions in connection with a $4 billion contract it won in 1995 to build and expand a Nigerian liquefied natural gas plant.

The four partners in the consortium were M.W. Kellogg Co., a subsidiary of Dresser Industries; Technip SA of France; ENI SpA of Italy; and Japan Gasoline Corp.

Halliburton acquired Dresser in 1998 _ three years after Cheney began his 1995-2000 tenure as Halliburton’s CEO _ and combined its Brown & Root subsidiary with M.W. Kellogg to form engineering and construction unit KBR.

The consortium got other contracts involving the Nigerian plant in 1999 and 2002.

Last month, Halliburton said an ongoing internal investigation by the Houston-based conglomerate had still not found any evidence that supports claims of bribery.

The U.S. Justice Department, Securities and Exchange Commission and Nigerian officials also are investigating.

In June, Halliburton fired two consultants including former KBR chairman A. Jack Stanley, for violating the company’s business code of conduct by receiving “improper personal benefits” related to TSKJ’s construction of the Nigerian plant.

Halliburton shares rose 13 cents to close at $38.74 Friday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Reminder: Grandma Millie’s Asshole

Thanks for the memories:

“He just fucks California,” says one Enron employee. “He steals money from California to the tune of about a million.”

“Will you rephrase that?” asks a second employee.

“OK, he, um, he arbitrages the California market to the tune of a million bucks or two a day,” replies the first

Behold the power of the market:

“Just cut ’em off. They’re so fucked. They should just bring back fucking horses and carriages, fucking lamps, fucking kerosene lamps.”

And the doomed contemplate their fuckitude