Zota and Supervillany

Zota the Evil Time-Traveling Egyptian

Zota of Pergamum, an evil ancient Egyptian with magical powers of illusion and time travel, who made his first appearence in September, 1964 in Strange Tales #124. His enemies include Gaius Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Marc Antony, and Dr. Strange. Among his magical tools and technologies, Zota had a Prison of Rolling Light: “two mirror-like objects that could entrap even an astral form.” This insidious entrapment was rendered useless by smoke.

Carlo Zota and the Enclave

The Enclave: Carlo Zota Carlo Zota, along with Maris Morlak, Wladyslav Shinski and Jerome Hamilton formed the Enclave, a cabal of scientific evildoers who first appear in 1967 (Fantastic Four #66). Zota was a Spanish electronics technician who briefly possessed amazing cosmic power. He could rearrange matter, manipulate energy and the weather, fly, survive in space, project energy bolts…

While in prison, Zota reflected upon his atheism:

Carlos Zota, the youngest of the three men at merely forty-four years old, plucked at the gray mystery meat on his tray with a fork and said glumly, “I begin to think that there is in fact a God…and that he hates us.”

Alex Zota: drug muscle

In episode 12 of L.A. Heat Faces of Fear, Alex Zota is the right-hand man of a drug lord. He was played by John Aniston (born Yannis Anastassakis), father of Jennifer Aniston, and Brad Pitt’s ex-father-in-law.

LA Heat #12:

  • Vehicles destroyed: 6 (5 cars, 1 camper trailer)
  • Chases: 4 (3 car, 1 foot)
  • Explosions: 1

Zota and the Martian Sleep Machine

In an issue of Space Patrol called Time Watch, a Martian named Zota builds a sleep machine. (“Like all Martians, Zota was over 7 feet tall, strongly built with a bullet shaped head and spiky hair.”)

At his base on one of the moons of Mars, Zota shows Dart and Husky a device which can make people unconscious for 24 hours.

The Space Patrol uses a time-shifting device to blow up the evil Martian Zota. And the Space Patrol guy who kills Zota looks disturbingly like L. Ron Hubbard….