Turris Babel

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Q: About how high was tower of babel?

The Tower of Babel was built by Keebler elves. As a tree-dwelling race, they were unfamiliar with the stone and feathers used by the Tribes. The kept trying to build towers out of twigs and pastry, which did not work very well at all.

Eventually, in one last valiant effort to appease their masters, the elves built a tower out of soft-bake cookies. To their elvish eyes, it was a mighty monolith! By human measure, it was about nine feet tall.

The King was disappointed at the sight of this mushy cookie stack, and he kicked it over with a sullen sweep of his royal foot. In the retelling of the elves — which became the Pentateuch — the tower was struck down by bolts from Heaven. (Elves tend to exaggerate…)

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