Jason Scott slammed the film King of Kong for being “loaded with falsehoods” (and, incidentally, causing him to lose access for his own arcade documentary).

When shown that some of his assertions were wrong, he took time for further research.

In a short follow-up, he said that King of Kong is generally accurate.

In a long autobiographical follow-up, he talks about objectivity in documentary film and how King of Kong makes people feel.

Well… okay.

But viciously attacking a film for being packed with falsehoods “like the last Japanese subway car before they have to shut down the line” is just a tiny bit different than speculating about how Billy Mitchell might feel.

And when you’re following up on a rant where you blast people as liars and whores without any corroborating evidence, calling for thorough objective research and universal empathy sounds a little insincere.

Jason Scott is a good historian. But this isn’t quite history yet, and he has admitted his own tangential stake in this series of open controversies. Which makes his self-interested declaration that King of Kong is “fraudulent” hard to reconcile with his sermon on the respectful construction of a complex and nuanced Truth.

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  1. I have a copy of the VHS tape I sent to TG in 2000 of my record braking score at the time. I think this is all the proof one would need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the premise of KoK is false with no historical accuracy.

  2. Tim, remind me of the crime you committed that landed you in prison and made you unwelcome at Funspot.

  3. Halco,

    In case you didn’t read the dates, Tim left that comment more than 6 months ago. It’s very unlikely he’s going to see what you wrote, so this looks more like an anonymous attack than a genuine question.

    I don’t know you or Tim or anything about what you might be referring to. But just on general principles of discourse and etiquette, allow me just state for the record that you, sir, seem to be a douchebag.

  4. I have been reading up on this, and have seen both movies (KoK and Chasing Ghosts)…what was the ‘controversy’ about Tim’s score? I can’t locate any info on it.

    As to the KoK thing…I think that the Twin Galaxies bunch really is that bad, and that Billy really is that much a jerk. Everywhere I go on the net, there these TG dorks defending and bashing like teenagers. In KoK, one of the TG leaders says something profound about integrity, but then has none when dealing with the scores. If you can’t rely on the scorekeepers, then they shouldn’t be scorekeepers…they are fanboys with charts.

    I liked the second movie better, it was more about the whole genre and not just the DK score and Steve.

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