How is Life Over There?

Dear Friend,

Barrister Frank U Ajana
How are you today and how is life over there in your country? Am very happy to inform you about the succuessful transfer of that fund i told you that i will like to ransfer into your bank account sometime ago but due to ome circumstance you opted out of the deal. Perhaps you are dumbass? Is not for me say. i am like you, my friend, with the dumb and ass and such.

However in light of your stupids, i late found someone who helped me in the transfer, he is the CEO of RV PLATINUM SHIPPING SERVICE based in venezuela in the person of Mr Antonio Elortegui. You are familiar with the fillms of Mr Elortegui? i having many many DVDs with his essentials!

Meanwhile am on investment project in venezuela and i cannot forget your tireless effort then to help me succeeded in this transfer and i have decided to reward your kindness, even though you are dumbass. Henceforth, i left a cheque of (US$1.2m) one million two hundred thousand united states dollars under the care of my personal assistance Mr Peter Ebuka to send to you as soon as you contact him through his personal email address. Are you ready for his personal email address? Please get pen. His True Personal Email Address (i would not lie to you, of all people) is:

Please tell him i asked you to contact him regarding the bank cheque i issued on your half.

In the main time I am going to be away from my email and wont ! be able to check my email box, as i will like to concentrate on my purpose of coming here to invest my money. You do care about money as much as i do then you will understandings that i am most busy. But if you so desire to speak with me you can reach me on phone with +5851525750. Let me know as soon as you receive your cheque so that we can both share in this joy of you having the cheque. Dumbass.

Thanks and have a nice day.


Barrister Frank U. Ajana

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