Sociopath 4 teh lulz

An emotionally disturbed 30 year old male poses as a 27 year old submissive female on Craigslist. Then he posts all responses with full email, contact info and pictures to a public wiki. On his blog, he asks his readers to help personally identify everyone. LOL!

Initially, Jason Fortuny was mobbed by his “rfjason” LiveJournal fans, armed with roflcopters and lollerskates. On Friday, his stunt was summarized by Andy Baio at Waxy and started hitting blogs and aggregators. He claimed the NY Times interviewed him. Eventually he shut down annonymous comments on his journal, but his LJ fans were still LOL A++!!!1!1!

The tide of destruction washed slowly across the web all weekend. Seattle news, British news, a Wired blog, which called Fortuny a sociopath. (To assist with self-diagnosis, he posted a LiveJournal poll)

Saturday, his business website (freelance web designer and network admin) finally died, replaced with a basic contact form — conspicuously lacking the privacy notice it used to have. So much for that business model. By Monday, even that was down.

On Saturday and Sunday it hit the front page of Digg, BoingBoing, Something Awful, Slashdot,

Jason Fortuny had accomplished something very difficult — he had consciously set out to construct a meme, and had succeded. But he seems to have uncovered a horrible corrilary to the rule against deliberate meme creation: you can do it on purpose, if you set out with the cold desire to exhibit the absolute worst aspects of your deformed psyche.

Tens of thousands of people around the world declared Fortuny an unspeakable asshole who richly deserved his impending legal crucifixion. Meanwhile, his LiveJournal defenders continued the ROFLMAO party. Many of them (using their LJ handles no less) spread out across the web to defend Fortuny’s actions as a fun little prank which should now be forgotten. No really. Just forget it. lol.

Rfjason sits at the sad intersection of a blind desire for fame, a brutal puritan morality, a genuinely sociopathic ignorance of consequences, all wrapped up in idiotic chat speak. Privacy lawsuits, possible criminal charges, ruined lives, personal self-destruction, and nearly two hundred violent perverts who want to hurt you. Teh lulz!!

Maybe it’s all just a small, sad psychodrama. Fortuny is a seriously fucked up individual. (Quote: “I’m just going to quickly and quietly say that the refugees in New Orleans are human trash who don’t deserve to live“). On the internet, no one may know you’re a dog, but eventually everyone will figure out that you’re a suicidal exhibitionist idiot.

But watching hundreds of LiveJournal defenders swarm around him, it starts to seem like a symptom of something more widespread and horrorifying. It starts to look like the kind of simple-minded tribalism and moralizing self-surveillance that dictatorships thrive on. Why have teh riht to privacee when u can have teh lulz omg???


Sociopaths Unite!

According to Waxy, Fortuny has whored himself to man-whore, and proudly outspoken sociopath, Tucker Max. Cute couple. Maybe this has something to do with the testosterone suppliments Fortuny was taking…

Reading about his real or imagined medical problems and his all too real psychological problems, you might feel a small twinge of pity for the doomed. But Fortuny comes through with the asshole bonus round, telling his new pimp:

“Let’s milk this. All the way… There must be a way to combine this. Into money. Money is important. Money is good.”

Making a profit off this seems… doubtful. Let’s just say, doubtful.

But a “milking” of some kind seems very likely. And everything Fortuny does get will have been well earned.

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  1. Well said, I’ve been discussing it with friends on LJ and around the web and I’m still appalled as the people defending him.

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