Getting Even

Forbes is publishing a cover story by Daniel Lyons called “Attack of the Blogs” in which they suggest an array of techniques that defenseless corporations can use against the hideous scourge known as people with web pages. Hot tips include “If you get attacked, dig up dirt on your assailant” and “sue your attacker for defamation… chase him for years to collect damages.” Pity the underdog corporation and their packs of slavering underdog corporate lawyers.

But here’s where Forbes has caught themselves in their own trap: one of their suggestions is to “threaten to sue his Internet service provider under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.” And as some commenters have noted, the DMCA does not require a violation of copyright — it only requires an accusation of a violation in order to force an ISP to shut down a site.

Unfortunately for Forbes, they’ve lifted many of their vengeful dirty tricks from the 1982 book: Getting Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks. Not only is this a clear violation of the DMCA, it is also an insult to the original spirit of the book, since Forbes leave out all the stuff about stink bombs…

Perhaps it would be a good idea to contact the upstream providers of and inform them of their client’s reprehensible violations of our sacred Copyright Protections….

Daniel Lyons himself is also no stranger to dirty tricks in the name of a noble cause — he’s been on a crusade against linux and open source software in general for years… (I wonder when he stopped beating his wife?)