According to Plan

Life-long Republican mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin delivered a very moving, anger-filled outburst on the radio, which has made him something of a spokesperson for all the outrage at America’s failure in the Gulf.

But it turns out he had no reason to be shocked by the abandonment of more than 120,000 of his city’s poorest and most helpless residents. Because not only was their abandonment part of his overt plan, he was in the process of distributing DVDs to poor neighborhoods which spelled out this fact.

As I write that, I still can’t believe it.

They made a DVD to give to the poor telling them that in the event of a major hurricane, their only hope for escape was to stick the DVD up their ass, spin around like a motor boat, and make a beeline for fucking Cancun.

From the Times-Picayune on July 24 2005:

City, state and federal emergency officials are preparing to give the poorest of New Orleans’ poor a historically blunt message: In the event of a major hurricane, you’re on your own.

In scripted appearances being recorded now, officials such as Mayor Ray Nagin, local Red Cross Executive Director Kay Wilkins and City Council President Oliver Thomas drive home the word that the city does not have the resources to move out of harm’s way an estimated 134,000 people without transportation.

In the video, made by the anti-poverty agency Total Community Action, they urge those people to make arrangements now by finding their own ways to leave the city in the event of an evacuation.

“You’re responsible for your safety, and you should be responsible for the person next to you,” Wilkins said in an interview. “If you have some room to get that person out of town, the Red Cross will have a space for that person outside the area. We can help you.

“But we don’t have the transportation.”

They had planned on distributing the DVD to the poor this month. I guess not quite everything went according to plan…

This has now been widely linked, [TalkLeft among others] but it’s amazing it took a week for this to start getting publicity. There’s gunna be some medieval grade slapstick when those helpful interviews get online.