Timing is Everything

Six days after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln was on the scene, running 90 helicopter rescue and relief missions a day to the devastated region. “How’s that for stingy?” asks batshit crazy racist Michelle Malkin, pointing out all the nuclear-powered water and freshly-baked loaves of bread. High five! Mission Accomplished!

As of Friday, six days after the hurricane, four days after the total destruction of New Orleans, the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman just left port in Virginia . It just left. It just pulled sllooowllly out of the fucking port. It. Just. Left. Maybe it’ll get there in a few. Hey, whatever.

Speaking of Harry S. Truman, funny thing — when the Soviets closed all ground travel to Berlin in 1948, it took less than three days for Truman to get loaded cargo planes from Alaska and Hawaii to FUCKING GERMANY. How long a flight is it from Crawford to Baton Rouge? Half a fucking hour? Make it 45 minutes if you stop for cake?

Just asking.

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  1. I don’t know if it is ironic that one of our major oil producing regions, ‘our gulf’, is underwater. I do know that many of the people could not escape the city because they did not have the means. I can guess that they didn’t pay attention to the rise in gas prices because they were busy trying to stay above flood waters. I know I would not be able to look away as my life, along with everything I owned or remembered, drowned. But those who did reap the benefits, I imagine, counted their profits. They surely marveled at how much money could be made by extending their vacation by another day, or maybe two.

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