I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees.

No one anticipated the breach of the levees?

No one anticipated the fucking breach of the fucking levees???

The lake is now level with the city and the heavy lifting helicopters needed to fill the breach have not even arrived? Four days later?

The director of FEMA is an estate planning lawyer?

As of today, in the middle of the worst natural disaster in American history, Condolezza Rice is on vacation in New York, shopping for fucking shoes on fucking 5th Avenue?

What else is there to say…

Yeah. He actually said it. No one anticipated the breech of the fucking leeves. “No one” apparently doesn’t include FEMA, who named it one of the most critical potential disasters in America, according to the nobodies at the New York Times, in 2001.

We are all at dire risk from the self- proclaimed incompetence of these monsters.

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  1. Even Halliburton is a client of this outfit:
    So even knowing that “New Orleans is not optional for the United States\’ commercial infrastructure” wasn\’t enough to make him want to protect the city? It\’s established that people (except for the wealthy) are his lowest priority, but bizne$$? It really can only be incompetence. Though I hear Halliburton has been awarded the work to rebuild, in which case… it makes, uh, sense.

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