Disasterously Wrong

This is a deeply depressing lesson in the particular mode of always-right mental illness — earlier today, Glenn Reynolds admiringly linked to himself regarding the overhyping of hurricanes:

HURRICANE HYPE: I’m watching some woman from Fox trying to make a big deal out of 30 mph winds on Lake Pontchartrain. Jeez.

One month later, with Lake Pontchartrain threatening to submurge all of New Orleans, this kind of smug eye-rolling is fully revealed as the perverse backwardness of a serial killer in clown make-up. Becasue part of the reason for all this “hurricane hype” was the fact that the unfolding disaster we’re now facing has been explicitly predicted for many many years. There seems to be a running theme…

Climate disasters? Tut tut!
Oil crisis? Pish posh!
Bloody insurgency? Fiddle faddle!

There’s stubborn. Then there’s stupid. But beyond these there is a category that must simply be described as sick.


Blinded by the gloating immensity of their own bloggy asshole.

Drug-maddened sub-humans dance in around in costumes cleverly constructed from their own feces