Crockett is going down

The thing that’s most entertaining about Jim Hahn’s latest campaign email is its stink of failure. It reeks like a gangrenous wound. Catching a whiff of it, one wants to suggest that maybe he shouldn’t be going outside right now, waving that thing in people’s faces…

The second most entertaining thing is the image that Hahn is trying to paint of Villaraigosa with the email title “Miami Vice in L.A.?” The image of a swarthy man in a shiny suit jetting down to the Florida Keys to pick up a very special suitcase…

He inspects it’s contents while rolling a fat Habana between his bejeweled fingers: Chess. Chess I tink dis weel do berry nicely. Why don cho pud eet en de tronk por mee? And as the bagmen heft the suitcase full of illegal dirty blood money (and probably drugs) into his fancy rental car, Villaraigosa personally shoots each of them in the back. Then, he laughs that dark-skinned TV villain laugh. While driving away, he tosses his $300 cigar out the window, which lands on an innocent puppy, which catches on fire and burns to death.

Not that Jim Hahn’s email actually says that in so many words. It just frames “Miami Vice” in the context of Hahns classic crack pipe TV ads.

What’s weird about the email is that it actually brings up the issue of political contributions to LAX contractors. Uh… Jim?

Not that any of it is particularly relevant. Hahn will lose. In a humiliating and final way. But at least he has succeeded in cementing the race baiting legacy of his brief administration. At least he’s done that much.

Oh yeah. And he’s also poisoned the water for other republican-friendly, carefully corrupt, peckerwood pseudo-democrats. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Harold Meyerson in the LA Weekly:

The only precincts in L.A. politics where Hahn could surge in the next two weeks are those filled with Republicans and elderly African-Americans. So Hahn has raised the issue of citywide gang injunctions, and even taken up the cause of restoring the cross on the county seal, as vehicles to bash Villaraigosa for once having headed the Southern California chapter of the ACLU.

Cross-waving and civil-liberties bashing. Way to go.

Meyerson’s essay also points out that the Washignton Post was unable to identify the mayor of the second largest city in America.

Good work, Jim. Whoever you are.