Little Murders

One of the renowned freeway shootings just occured at the 5 and 14 interchange. Windows blown out, no injuries. The interchange is about two miles from me, and I drive through it twice a day.

NPR now does a story on the springtime freeway shootings — “a flurry.” They try to work the gang angle. From their DC headquarters, they broadcast LA television news clips at me, which is something I’ve avoided so well up to now.

“Their [police] best weapon might be commuters and their cell phones — two things Los Angeles has plenty of.”
Ooh, zinger!

NPR reporter: Luke Burbank

Little Murders, 1971. Eliot Gould

furthering the mood of an apocalypse occuring in my peripheral vision — as I was driving home on the freeway, I saw a streetlight flashing madly between it’s colors like a video game monster. I could only see it in the mirror between trees, so maybe it was nothing. Nothing at all.