Don’t Fear the Reaper

I’ve never fully understood what global climate change deniers are thinking. First saying nothing was happening, finally admitting that an insignificant little something or other was happening, then occasionally admitting that maybe a big something was happening but that it doesn’t actually matter. What’s eight degrees, right? Hey, eight degrees! Whatever!

Such total ignorance of scale and complexity is sort of like saying that’s it would be cool if you were dropped from a height equal to a thousandth of the Earth’s diameter. Hey, come on . A thousandth! That’s like, almost nothing! What’s the problem here?

I haven’t been able to figure out if this lack of awareness is genuine brain dipped in shit stupidity, or if it’s a deeply cynical apocalyptic awareness which is just trying to rake in a few bucks before the inevitable Crash.

Maybe I’ve found part of the answer in the comments on a Kuro5hin article about building a 1000 km Frensel lens at L1 to diffuse the sun:

You see, it’s all about a way for the discredited policies of socialism to sneak back in, under the guise of “environmentalism”. It’s just another mask for the deciever, and we Christians know what his goal is…

Christians know our command is to ‘go forth and multiply’ not stay home and try to conserve. God will provide faithful men and faithful nations with providence, as He has always done, and we can be secure knowing that if He is raising the temperature, it is for good reason (to provide more food for more people)!

Further you see from this article how the unscrupulous socialists are trying to increase the power of the state with this scare tactic, they’d love to tax us to death to build this new Babel!

Anecdotal, yes. But it seems to reveal the thought process: God lives in the sky, so He is responsible for the temperature of the sky. And if He is raising the temperature, it is for good reason.

Ah. Yes. I get it now.

See you in the caves, children of Zion!