When David Frum Sneers…

… it’s like a pizza delivery boy trying to imitate Harrison Ford.

Oh ye self-rightious ribbon-magnet slappers. Oh ye with-us or against-us chanters. Oh ye “never saw the movie but you know it’s all lies” — These are your people. You giggled at their shiny baubles, and pawed the air at their dangled trinkets. You licked the hardened sap from the nape of their wooden necks and called it sweat. You willingly voted for these zombie lords.

Now — as they live on, rotting in the open air, walking the earth with arms outstreched, sneering and sneering — now, you must sniff them.

Sniff them deeply, lowly henchmen. Sniff them deep and hard. For you and the rest of their zombie horde will gather at the feet of their undead god, sniffing and sniffing for all eternity. Amen.

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