It would be scary… if it weren’t horseshit

Bloggers are freaking out about comments made by Bradley Smith, the Republican FEC chair. He suggests that McCain-Feingold is going to restrict which sites you’ll be allowed to link to with your blog. Yeah, okay. Sure.

Imagine trying to distinguish between link spam and “real” links — who sits on that committee? Imagine a website with thousands of insulting links to a candidate, intermingled with gay porn — how much is that contribution worth? Links in comments — worth more or less? What if for every link I made to my candidate, I also made a gratuitous link to the opponent (who I openly call an idiot) — is that equal time? What if I only link to candidates I hate but I talk up candidates I like? What if I make links too small to read? If I make links bigger, are they worth more? Trackbacks — illicit contribution or political vandalism?

The whole issue quickly gets too stupid to even imagine. In fact it’s completely insane. And it should be welcomed as such.

Becasue this is nothing but a shallow scare tactic by a Republican bureaucrat who hates McCain-Feingold. Even if his imagined restrictions did somehow pass the innumerable challenges (which seems impossible), any attempt at implimentation would be gamed into non-existence literally in a matter of minutes. Making the whole thing look more like a cheap backdoor attack on campaign finance reform.

So I for one welcome our new link-spam monitoring overlords.

I think someone at is trying to gently insult me?
Fuck. I guess that means that I’m part of the “blogosphere.” How horrifying….

I tell you what, redstate. When the Republican-led FEC (acting in consort with the Republican controlled Congress and Executive) finally manages to shut down all electronic speech, I’ll make sure that the only links (aka “illicit political contributions”) I make will be to all y’all.