move small objects [2004]

A craigslist “telekenesis” job ad was posted to zota in July of 2003. The comments kept coming for nearly a year, turning in to an active forum for people desperate to move objects with their mind. (Still no word on who got hired.)

If you are interested in contributing to telekenesis (or telekinesis) research, please visit the LubberNet Telekenesis Node

The following are the comments through August 2004.

  • AFter you manage to “open” your sub-mind and mind disipline…I guess I can share “How” and “What” is the other key to moving objects…….Research…Electromagnetic Fields and Electrostatic fields…with the help of your sub-mind….you can research the best frequency your mind is tuned to……almost like a radio dial….physical tools you will need is Lime Rock and Granite Rock… with nature…the rubbing of these two rocks will create a field that would help you “tune in” your mind……..but you must first understand what I just posted to unlock your ability OR to become more I’d say….efficient…..

    Ths is the “How” …….nothing with bad spirits or whatnot…
    Posted by: Kieth at January 1, 2004 04:18 PM

  • i can see something, like a wormhole of blue, violet, purple light. after the wormhole like structure cleared, i see many unfamiliar faces, they move so fast like a video camera filming the crowd while cameraman is in the car moving. they are blurred and i think they almost look alike. im experiencing it since i was a child, it scared me. until now ihave that same vision/experience when i concentrate on a particular view, they are clear when it is very dark. i can see it even if i closed my eyes. does anybody having the same experience that i have been experiencing?
    Posted by: kix at January 4, 2004 06:17 AM
  • Ok guys I did the water thing with the toothpick, nothing, I thought maybe I had a chance because I am kind of intuitive. Sometimes when I am asking someone a question I will know the answer before they give it to me, It works for me often with numbers. But if I think about doing it it doesnt work. WTF! I want this to work for me all the time, on command :I Anyways does anyone have any reccomendation on what I think about when I am trying to move the toothpick, do I clear my mind or what? Or how about the gift I know I have telepthy how do I sharpen that? Im a salesman that would be a big plus =fi


    Posted by: Avatuar at January 4, 2004 11:02 PM

  • kieth,in your research and meditation have you learned anything about the human race,like why we have telekinetic abilities, what is the use of a sub mind, and can understanding this help in the development of telekinesis? Why do we have to learn it. curious about what you know!

    anyone feel free to answer if you can
    Posted by: Majesty at January 4, 2004 11:30 PM

  • just surfed in.. great stuff
    Posted by: hanni at January 13, 2004 01:03 AM
  • I had a nice vacation!!!…..hhhmmmm……Have I learned anything about the human race I shall say…Why yes….hmmmm yes again…I’ll post later..I need more time!!!

    Posted by: Kieth at January 13, 2004 05:58 PM

  • Envision a tunnel and your mind reaching out through that tunnel to a certain object you are trying to move.I can’t see auras but i can feel their energy.I think when you are angry is the best time for telekenises…maybe just for me…I can sometimes channel my anger to make a force that can move an object.

    You wont achieve these powers if you are looking for something to impress your friends.
    Posted by: person at January 18, 2004 07:50 AM

  • Err Keith, as you seem to be ‘the man in the know’ here… Can you possibly give me any ideas of where to go to find any books relating to the history of telekensis please? I really need to find some information on where it all began, oh and also about the theory that we use only so much of our brain power would be really useful.

    Many thanks

    p.s. what does ‘Imao’ mean?

    Posted by: Lauren at January 19, 2004 01:28 PM

  • Majesty…… I think I can come up with a half way good answer for you….are you still around??….

    Anger ……person??????…..thats sonething a person should avoid….imagine the hunting others would do in that case…….

    Lauren…..I only post to what I know and have been doing….I can say that understanding the first steps will provide insight to what a person may or what to do….If you read and understand word for word….you can be directed to the right path….no $19.99 fee here….LMAO….=(Laughing My Arse Off)…..One thing I will share what happened to me this weekend…I was getting my haircut at the mall….the woman who was cutting my hair started small talk…then she stopped….looked at my head..(I saw from the reflection on the mirror). then she said…your son’s name is Robert right?….I said “Yes”…then she cut a few minutes then stopped again…I can tell she was trying to read my mind…or my submind or I can say my brain was being read….I guess she was trying to either impress or spook me…..I turned the tide ….I found her “wavelength” and I imaged her eating and eating and eating…I sent waves of heartbeats and at that point I can see she was very uneasy….I played stupid and asked..”What”…….I can say I spooked myself…..I will try moving objects this spring but I can say for sure….this is REAL…..very REAL.>!!

    Research at the library…..find out about Electromagetic and Staticmagetic fields from an episode of the Learning channel…there you will see the “floating” of objects on film….

    Has anyone try submind communication with another person?…or has even tried?….This is when two people meditate at the same time and talk with each other…records on paper after its done…then tell each other what they wrote……

    Posted by: Kieth at January 19, 2004 05:31 PM

  • whatever
    Posted by: you at January 19, 2004 05:57 PM
  • if someone knows how to do telekinetics or hypnosis contact me
    Posted by: jim at January 19, 2004 06:00 PM
  • Dreams are made to be destroyed. Nightmares are forever.
    Posted by: Fabian Marie
    at January 20, 2004 07:08 PM
  • Thanks Keith. It’s nice to know that you believe and also are freaking out hairdressers with pyschic tendancies in your part of the world. I’ll check out the stuff from the library but I’d really like to know if anyone has any thoughts about ‘brain power’ and if your avergage joe is using a certain percentage of it, or whether we use the lot of it, or not. You catch my drift right?

    Err fabian, how do you destroy a dream?

    Take it easy. x
    Posted by: Lauren at January 25, 2004 07:24 AM

  • Dreams are able to be controlled………Nightmares are dreams we don’t understand its message……
    Posted by: Kieth at January 25, 2004 05:51 PM
  • I have read every post on this site and several others…i have listened to the views and opinions of others about the power of our minds…ever since i was a child, i have been infatuated with the concept of being able to move objects with my mind, to read others’ thoughts, to travel at the speed of thought…i have done meditation before…but for some reason when i close my eyes and try to focus, i see millions of blurry falshes of things that i am unable to sipher…why?…in my attempts to move objects with my mind, i have succeeded far lees than failed…but i don’t think a single attempt was a failure(in vain)…every time, i feel more enlightened afterwards.. i feel more at peace…am i on the right track to harnessing my mind? let me know…
    Posted by: Lazerus at January 26, 2004 07:50 AM
  • can any1 teach me telekenet
    Posted by: leo at January 28, 2004 03:19 AM
  • We-ell. Nice to know this forum thingy is active (last post was yesterday…so it’s gotta be).

    Alright. Telekinesis is real. Those of you who are just saying “I want to do it because it sounds cool!” should just shut up and go away. It’s not something to impress people with. It’s not something to impress yourself with. Chances are, you don’t even TRULY believe in it.

    Now…Telepathy, and reading “subminds” (no offense in the quotations, that’s just not what I call it), are…eh, well, improbable. See, it’s been scientifically proven: All objects act upon the same frequency (or close to). That frequency isn’t that hard to bounce with “super powers” (heh) and get it to jump a couple centimeters. However, minds…well, minds work in so many levels that telepathy with a stranger (or a new accquaintance) is virtually impossible. Brainwaves work differently, and you can’t just “bounce” somebody’s brainwave. It could hurt them, shock them, whatever. Somebody you’ve known for a long time…and practice with, day in, day out..that has a possibility. Maybe you can fine-tune to their wavelength and they to yours. But not random strangers.

    And I don’t believe in god, so I am not saying any of this is based upon religion or spiritual things. I don’t think it is, personally. What we can actually comprehend is like 1 millionth of reality. So there are obviously things that we haven’t discovered yet.

    Telekinetics…people are easily discouraged. (I’m just ranting now.) See, a beginner will do the pinwheel, the toothpick, or a string-with-an-object-suspended-from-a-ceiling trick. They will probably bounce the proper frequency once or twice, get sooo happy, jump around, and then end up breathing all over the test object, rendering everything useless. You can randomly hit an object all you want. You have to dicipline yourself to be able to smack that frequency good. Practice.

    Knowing your subconcious is really, really important. I mean…that’s the fellow who’s pretty much doing the work. It’s a belief thing, and if you can convince your subconcious, you can do anything. So I guess in a way, the subconcious is responsible. But what if your subconcious has dark motives? What if you secretly want to kill a billion people? Eh? Then…well, then you have a problem. Meditate. Find your motives. WHen you get good at finding them, tweak them a bit. If you can tell your subconcious doesn’t believe in telekinesis, then…whap it until it does. There you have it.

    It’s not a step thing. There aren’t “steps” to telekinesis. Sure, there’s meditation. Sure, there’s convincing yourself. But…you don’t require control in order to do this. Quite frankly, you could be some sort of rampaging bull. It’s just better if you aren’t. ;) Takes lots of practice. Lots of mental strain.

    Eh…also, telekinesis is not a form of the devil. O.o;; Sorry, whoever has that idea in their head is totally wrong. It isn’t a form of god, Jesus, or whoever else you choose to worship–it’s a form of yourself. You’re basically just using other means of moving something. *shrug* Not too complicated, when you think about it.

    So…telekinesis isn’t taught. That’s true. You can get guidance. You can get happy little bunnies that laugh at you all day long. It doesn’t matter. You don’t teach this stuff. Want a pointer? Practice. Find what works for you. It’s a style thing, like drawing, reading, writing…whatever you do. And if you copy off of someone else’s style…you’ll never advance. ;)

    Just know where you are going and you’ll be fine.
    Posted by: Anya at January 29, 2004 03:46 PM

  • Cool… a nice blog. I’m going to start my own one.
    Posted by: areacode at January 30, 2004 07:47 PM
  • I have caused glass to explode. Not by willing it. Only in times of intense anger or frustration. This FRIGHTENS me. Is there any way to control it? I’m not saying it happens often, but just knowing it can happen makes me nervous. Perhaps this “ability”? could be put to better use – or – simply (and probably preferably) squashed. It seems so base. Like some animalistic reaction to an inability to communicate rationally. Is that what it is? If anyone has a similar problem and better yet some advice, please contact me. Tracy
    Posted by: Tracy at January 31, 2004 12:43 AM
  • LOL
    Posted by: Kieth at January 31, 2004 02:01 PM

  • Control is a must…..anyone not believing that is nuts….heh……….ever got mad at someone and think of choking them?…No control would cause death….BUT….thats my 2 cents……….I myself is not a beginer……y it can be taught…everyone with a soul is on a frequency……..but all in all….nice post ANYA!!!!!!!!
    Posted by: kieth at January 31, 2004 02:07 PM
  • This stuff intrest me and i have been wonderig about this for quite sometime and it came to my attention that telekenesis runs in my family is it something that can be passed down….kinda make it easierfor one to learn?
    Posted by: T Diddy at February 3, 2004 02:15 PM
  • Well..hey, telekenesis is a great thing guys and there shouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t want to be able to have it. I, myself have another power i have aquanted from my grandmother. I can predict a little into the future, maybe 3-5 minutes, but it has to be from the top of my mind, because when i start thinkin and looking for better details it doesnt happen.

    As well to that, i believe it should come naturally to you, you have to relax and let it flow into your mind. Maybe this wouldn’t help you much with telekenesis, but thats how prediction works..
    Posted by: Djsysstem at February 16, 2004 11:46 PM

  • your al liars and insane patients.
    Posted by: at February 21, 2004 07:39 AM
  • telekenesis is simple, order, in your head the object to move.

    Ask and ye shall receive
    Posted by: Cap’n Jack Sparrow at February 21, 2004 06:45 PM

  • Kieth… in you list of step to train you subconcious mind, you mentioned dicipline… How do you dicipline yourself?

    Email me please
    Posted by: LoSeR at February 25, 2004 12:17 PM

  • Ummm..How???…..Don’t you have an idea?…..

    Sorry I only post on boards..=-)
    Posted by: Kieth at February 26, 2004 06:55 PM

  • i`m very intertested in moving objects with my mind so if you can give me any help at all i`ll appreciate it.

    Posted by: keith at February 27, 2004 03:48 PM

  • I can tell you 2 websites where you can learn these stuff.


    But Thanks to I learned how to do Telkinesis in just one day.I don’t know if you could too but just check these 2 out.

    But I can tell 1 Excercise that can get you there in developing quickly and that’s called the psi-wheel so please listen and read it.

    You may need 1 need or a thump tack and sand something to stick the needle on or you could just stick the thump tack.

    Plus a paper cut into 2 inches in each side and fold it in half,then open it then fold it the opposite side,and open.

    and then fold it in a diagonal side and open and then last then the opposite side.

    After that’s finished put the paper on top of the point and don’t think of anything or don’t care if it moves or not you will see results but I’m not sure if you will do it as fast as I did.

    But anyways Good Luck!
    Posted by: Mike01025 at March 2, 2004 07:08 PM

  • my telekenetics are real
    Posted by: diva at March 3, 2004 05:50 PM
  • my telekenetics are real
    Posted by: diva at March 3, 2004 05:50 PM
  • my telekenetics are real
    Posted by: diva at March 3, 2004 05:50 PM
  • I just read this entire thread and it seems that Kieth is the man. I would like to append to his thoughts however. Before I get started, I would also like to say that I can move a psiwheel. I learned telekinesis from

    To begin Kieth, it sounds to me like you are going for complete self control before you start trying any telekinetics. That is an excellent idea because when I started TK(telekinesis), I didn’t have much self control. I started in November and practiced off and on until now. I practiced with a psiwheel. Because I don’t have a good amount of self control, it is harder for me to control my psiwheel’s movements. I can spin my psiwheel all I want, but it is very hard at times to control the direction of my psiwheel’s spin. So good luck when you start training TK. I think you will accomplish much in a very short period of time because of your self discipline.

    On another note, I think the success rate for TK, or any psychic ability for that matter depends on belief in what you are doing. A wise Jedi once said “Do or do not, there is no try.” I heartily agree with this statement because I have found that often when I am TRYING to do telekinesis, I fail at doing what I want to do. For example, when I TRY to spin the psiwheel opposite the direction that the psiwheel is currently going, I don’t get much accomplished. However, when I believe 100% that I will DO it, it works out. The hard part is believing 100% in what you want to do. After a while however, when you do these things(like spinning a psiwheel) everday, it becomes easier to believe.

    When I quote Yoda, I don’t actually believe Yoda because of his FICTIONAL character. I only quote him because every single word in that quote holds true far too often in my practices. By the way for all of you people that want to learn TK, just go to and read some articles that are posted on the site. Psipog is an excellent resource for those who wish to enhance the many ‘psionic’ abilities.

    Have fun developing these ‘skills.’
    Posted by: nickochee at March 11, 2004 06:17 PM

  • It helps once self control is achieved and mastered the rest of the journey will come …clear……
    Posted by: Kieth at March 11, 2004 06:38 PM
  • has anyone in here ever hear of the word chi? if so tell me what it means.
    Posted by: at March 13, 2004 07:40 PM
  • RE: $70 per hour…:->

    Ok if you guys really want to pick up the art of telikenetics then listen carefully.

    Telikenitics is something that is in us all, but it is a skill which needs to be self taught with many hours of intense practice. Mind of Matter is the key and you need to beleive and not try to had, just do it.

    If your just starting out with this stuff i would reommend focusing your energy on constructs/PsiBalls. This will let you feel what it is like to have your energy directed to one part of your body (your hands).

    I have been practicing Telikenetics for a while now and I have defentally improved myself. I now have developed my powers into TK; Telepathic suggestion, Astral Projection, OOBE and Lucid Dreaming. However I can teach those who are wiiling to learn but like I said telikenetics needs to be self taught and you need to be aware of all detail that comes with.

    And yes, for those who want to know about bending a spoon/fork, the answer is YES it can be done. but this does take practice and it took me about 3 weeks of intense practice to be able to bend it with my mind.

    Posted by: MrT at March 15, 2004 07:58 PM

  • Telekinetics is a very interesting subject. I first started developing skills at an early age. My parents would not allow me to do it because they thought it was evil. I could move pencils, pens etc. I also had the ability to see things. You could shuffle a deck of cards and then hold a card in front of me and I could tell you the card. On average I would get 45 right out of 52. I could also tell someone the dates of all the coins they had in there pocket. I went to High School at a Goverment facility that helped me develop more skills. I had the ability at 16 years old to remember groups of up to 60 and 70 both numeric and letter number patterns. I was tested to have an IQ of 243 also at age 16. 1 year 2 monthes ago due to an accident, I now have absolutely no skills. My short term memory is almost completely gone, I will wake up in the morning not remembering even having written this. I guess my point is, I have tried to re-develop my skills and I believe they are gifts, not things that can be developed. For me it has nothing to do with mind over matter, I could do it. Now I can’t. As I believe the sun will rise tommarow, I believe that these powers exist. But not for everybody.
    Posted by: Bob at March 15, 2004 10:49 PM
  • i strongly disagree with the above post, Telekenisis is defentally in everybody. It only takes practice and beleif in order to produce effects.
    Posted by: MrT at March 16, 2004 03:15 AM
  • I’ve been researching this telekinetics stuff and I really dont understand it. I try but it never works. Plus Im only 13 and the stuff is pretty confusing- but Im determined to learn it because the best time to learn it is around my age. (I read that somewhere)- anyway I think i’m capable of it but I just need some serious help. email me anyone- plz! thanks in advance. Oh and does anyone know how long you have to practice before moving an object?
    Posted by: Marie at March 16, 2004 09:02 PM
  • you all are weird devil worshipers go to hell or beleve in god it your deision
    Posted by: Laura Lopez at March 17, 2004 01:47 PM
  • If I became good enough at Telekenetics would I be able to fly? Like float myself into the air using my telekenitic skills?

    Posted by: mordalfus at March 17, 2004 05:59 PM

  • i am just a bit clarovoint you know can perdict things but want to do telekenetics
    Posted by: wierdo at March 18, 2004 05:24 PM
  • i belive you can get help with tk with lamda and hypergama posibly alpha brain wave in lamdp or ultr gamma (trust me i know this stuff) you can have shock telekenetics or you fall from the eifle tower and stop your selp from falling
    Posted by: weirdo at March 18, 2004 05:47 PM
  • I’m 18 years old, I’ve been doing telekenetics from the age of 6. My grandfather in Ukrain was a master in that feild. Now I carry on the tradition. To do telekenetics it takes a lot of self will and self power. You have to force your mind to think outside your limits, then you will be able to move light objects. When I was 6 i started to force fethers to slow down from falling. It took me almost a year until i could do this. At age 10 i could pick up pins and nails up to 3 meters of the ground. I am now looking for new ways to expand my knowledge. My grandfather is dead now and i never had the chance for him to tell me the ways to flowt over the ground. It would be great if some one who has this skill could teach me and i would most gladly teach you how to use your minds power in the right way.
    Posted by: professor mishka at March 20, 2004 06:15 PM
  • here’s a story for everyone. my dad signed me up for a class in a california where they teach you how to be a river rafting guide. we were in norther california and had just passed the oregon border when we stopped for gas. (there were 8 of us total in the van) we were all in the gas station buying all sorts of shit…food, drink whatever. But while waiting in line to pay there was this disheveled man in about his thirties who had a 10 inch scar on his inner forearm running from his elbow to his wrist. he was at the register when the cashier asked for his credit card. by this time the man had taken a few steps away from the counter…pulle dout his credit card and tossed it into the air. (from my experience, in trying to throw a credit card onto a counter would atleast show some sort of effort in aiming) but he didn’t. So he tosses the card out in fron of him and literally hovers over the counter (while spining) and lands wiht ease in front of the cashier. so while the cashier stood in awe the rest of us took our double takes. my brother and i looked at eachother at the same time with that (what the fuck) look in our eyes. The cashier wouldn’t settle with that so she asked him to do it again. she hands him back his card and by this time 6 of us had crowded around him to geta better look. He takes his card, flicks it into the air and again it hovers over to the counter and lands right in front of the cashier. I’ve always been a ‘see it to believe it’ kind of guy and even when seeing this i had a hard time believing it. none of us were gonna let this slide so my brother and i started asking this guy if he was for real. He said yeah as i picked his card back up and threw it into the air, but this time it jsut hovered in front of him…in front of us. My brother and i started moving our hands around it to make sure no strings were attached and to our amazement there was a mastercard just hovering in mid air (while spinning) right in front of all of us. next thing we saw was the guy move his hands in a certain way and the card floated around his body and came to a rest in front of himagain. My bro asked if he could try and the guy said yes so my bro grabed the card out fo the air…inspected it and tossed the card in front of him only to see it fall tot he fall. ( he thought it was the card that was rigged). by this time there were atleast 12 otherpeople gathered around in a circle just staring in disbelief. so we started talkin to this guy askin him if he could make any other htings float. So he looks around, grabs a receipt off the counter, crumples it up and lays it in his palm. nex tthing we know it rises out of his hand. i had to know how he did this so i asked. he replied saying that about ten years earlier he had a farming accident so they had to replace his right ulna (one fo the forearm bones) with a metal rod. ever since he said he had been able to make things move. he even said that thre are times where if he concentrates long enough he can levitate himself but he said that even that takes a lot of fuckin conentration. anyways what was real shady about the whole thing was that he said he was a window repair man, but when we saw him leave in his white van the words on it read joe’s painting service. some crazy shit. but its the truth and there were about 15 witnesses that day. i think i’m gonna go travel some more…especially to some boonieville gas stations…you never know what or who you’ll run into. peace
    Posted by: torea at March 23, 2004 07:18 PM
  • i’m telekinetic, pyrokinetic , cryrokinetic and i can make kiballs and i can astralproject though iam only thirteen i can do many things it actually scared me at first
    Posted by: zay at March 24, 2004 11:44 AM
  • Hi I’ve had a lot of dreams that I was telekenetic and I got real intrested in how to do it so if it’s posable can some one teach me please. my e-mail address is Thank you for your time
    Posted by: Michelle at March 28, 2004 08:08 AM
  • yo whats up people. i read all the posts and i still dont get how to do TK. i tried all i can. i focused onn the object for long and nothin. i really believe the tk is real. i just have troubles. if any of you know tk pleaze email me and write step by step on how to do it. my email address is pleaze help me
    Posted by: dan at March 28, 2004 08:57 PM
  • Oh boy….lol….hmmmmmm….try meditation first…clear your mind and sub-mind…….
    Posted by: Kieth at March 29, 2004 06:52 PM
  • I have little experience iam moving a pencil now
    Posted by: Michael at March 30, 2004 12:08 PM
  • well to whom it may concern moving an object is not that hard all you need to do is focus your mind, a good way is to use all the negative energy in your body ie. all the bad feelings you may have or hurt or grief just muster it all up and focus. i moved a toy car from one side of my window ledge to the other using this technique (no bullshit, honest) the other way is to use all the love and good feelings you have in the same way, more is achievable this way but im not saying what as the result was so overwhelming that i began crying and thats not the typical behaviour of a 29 year old.
    Posted by: sjh at March 31, 2004 02:15 PM
  • I believe that telekenetics is possible but that only certain people have the ability t do it. But iff thats true i would like to know if i have the ability to do it, and if i do, i would like to learn. iff you could help,please e-mail me.
    Posted by: john at April 3, 2004 11:28 PM

  • everything is mental, all that one percieves is in the mind

    like the kybalion states “the all is mind the universe is mental” if you really want to tap into the secrets of the universe check out the kybalion . if you can understand the

    basic principles you can do amazing things
    Posted by: at April 4, 2004 04:49 PM

  • if you cannot find the kybalion then email me
    Posted by: at April 4, 2004 04:51 PM
    Posted by: at April 4, 2004 04:52 PM
  • I’ll pursue the research on this topic and try all I can to achieve telekenatics. But I’m driven only by curiosity and if this is not enough, then I suppose it’s not for everybody.
    Posted by: JP at April 6, 2004 10:31 PM
  • I want to learn telekinesis,does anyone know someone who could teach this difficult task to me?
    Posted by: RedBirdMan77 at April 8, 2004 02:22 PM
  • My journey is finished..=-) i will diclose detail at a later post……interesting how many people have been posting here…….
    Posted by: Kieth at April 16, 2004 10:13 PM
  • disclose……ooppss sorry for the mis-spelling…….lol
    Posted by: Kieth at April 16, 2004 10:14 PM
  • if nyone can teach mi telekenetics, plzzzzzzzzz email mi at

    thx sooooooo much!

    Posted by: danzy girl at April 20, 2004 03:55 PM

  • hi ive been trying to move things with my mind for about 3 years but i cant seem to get my mind clear. i need some tips on how to clear it. if you have any ideas they would really help. i would also like to learn how to if n e one can teach me telekensis or astroprojection i would really appreciate it.

    please e-mail me at
    Posted by: sylvia17 at April 28, 2004 06:11 PM

  • i was tryin to bend a spoon one night and i was consentrateing hard when my whole body started to tingle is this a good thing?
    Posted by: steve at May 2, 2004 05:07 PM
  • i would love to learn how to astroprojection and telekensis.. i’ve seen it on SoWeird.. its a show on tv at night time.. some of you guys have heard of it or seen it.. i want to know how to do those things.. would anyone please teach me how to do it? send me an email.. put the subject telekensis/astroprojection.. thanks
    Posted by: unknown at May 22, 2004 10:31 PM
  • i would love to learn how to astroprojection and telekensis.. i’ve seen it on SoWeird.. its a show on tv at night time.. some of you guys have heard of it or seen it.. i want to know how to do those things.. would anyone please teach me how to do it? send me an email.. put the subject telekensis/astroprojection.. thanks
    Posted by: unknown at May 22, 2004 10:31 PM
  • are u all nutz
    Posted by: Chris at May 28, 2004 03:53 AM
  • are u all nutz
    Posted by: Chris at May 28, 2004 03:54 AM
  • I was trying to move my sister out of my house and she fell out the window. I felt bad to use my powers for evil but yoda told me its ok if I really want something bad enough.
    Posted by: Chris at May 28, 2004 03:56 AM
  • I was trying to move my sister out of my house and she fell out the window. I felt bad to use my powers for evil but yoda told me its ok if I really want something bad enough.
    Posted by: Chris at May 28, 2004 03:56 AM
  • i’m 13, i can already do this a little, and only when im really mad, the last time was that my mom screamed at me to bring her the clothes out of the dryer, and i was walking in to the utility room, and the door to the dryer popped open, and just now while i was writing this, i went to fix a coke, and the lid off the bottle flew accross the room and landed in the sink, and also, when i day dream or am asleep, i see just like a second of an event, and later on that day or week, it will happen. i wanted to know how to strengthen this so i have control over it, and can use it any time without having to be mad, u know e-mail me please label the subject so i know its not spam
    Posted by: ukilledkenny at May 28, 2004 08:45 PM
  • Sounds like you may have found a lot of possibilities, but if you still need someone capeable of telekenetics. E-mail me.
    Posted by: bill at June 5, 2004 08:24 AM
  • wheni am very angry i use my Telekinesis powers to drive them out of my room.
    Posted by: Nathaniel Lim at June 14, 2004 09:07 PM
  • wheni am very angry i use my Telekinesis powers to drive them out of my room.
    Posted by: Nathaniel Lim at June 14, 2004 09:07 PM
  • Please I have to and willing to wait for someone to teach me Please I love to learn I can Show friend and pass it on to others me and my sometimes can move stuff but I guess we want to do it on q Please help us!!!!!!!!!! We dont got an email address just put it on the message borad
    Posted by: Rina at June 17, 2004 05:07 PM
  • Please I have to and willing to wait for someone to teach me Please I love to learn I can Show friend and pass it on to others me and my sometimes can move stuff but I guess we want to do it on q Please help us!!!!!!!!!! We dont got an email address just put it on the message borad
    Posted by: Rina at June 17, 2004 05:07 PM
  • Please I have to and willing to wait for someone to teach me Please I love to learn I can Show friend and pass it on to others me and my sometimes can move stuff but I guess we want to do it on q Please help us!!!!!!!!!! We dont got an email address just put it on the message borad
    Posted by: Rina at June 17, 2004 05:07 PM
  • This is my first night reading and learning about telekinesis. About 30 min. ago I was in my room concentrating on a pen I’d hung on a little chain off a rod on my bed. I read about a method of using your hand and connecting though it. Within a few seconds, I felt an intense tingling in the tips of my fingers. I stopped, and did it again, and the tingling came back. Does this usually happen the first time you try it? I’m curious to know If it’s starting to work for me.
    Posted by: Mike at June 17, 2004 11:10 PM
  • hello can anybody help me
    Posted by: at June 18, 2004 05:07 PM
  • Wow, this is my third day practicing tk, and I was just trying to move a ball of foil, and my fingers heated up. It was great. The ball didn’t move however, but I know that a hot feeling in the fingers means you’re getting somewhere.
    Posted by: Mike at June 19, 2004 09:50 PM
    Posted by: at June 20, 2004 02:19 PM
    Posted by: at June 20, 2004 02:19 PM
  • help me just post it
    Posted by: at June 23, 2004 03:56 PM
  • “your al liars and insane patients.”

    You know, it was a good idea for this guy not to post his name up, because otherwise everyone could mail him and tell him how stupid it makes him sound and what a caged mind he’s got. I couldn’t live like him if you paid me.
    Posted by: Dedrodri at June 23, 2004 05:15 PM

  • “are u all nutz”

    This guy, too.

    All you ppl, begging for help… begging isn’t going to work. I myself can’t lift the tiniest scrap of paper, and I’m still trying, which is good if you are… don’t give up. Stop begging others for help and start learning. You can’t learn how to walk until you try it yourself with your own willpower.

    Some ppl use their anger, some ppl use a state of absolute calm… I like the calm, I find it works best, but maybe that’s just because I’ve got no anger left in me.

    And if you’ve tried and felt something… whether it was a tingling or cold feeling or something like that, it’s a sign that you’re beginning to pay attention to the energies, and that’s good
    Posted by: Dedrodri at June 23, 2004 05:21 PM

  • Telekenetics is the harnessed power of the Human mind we as humans use 10% the other 90% can be define as the Sub-conscience, telekenetics is the Harnessing of the Sub-concious.. when the brain gets “hot-wired” like in a brain tumor or Coma the brain can become powerful or can turn you into a Vegatable.. the brain in a strained situation also allows the Sub-conscience to express it self thats why more telekenetic experiances happen during a half-asleep state.. its cause the Conscience is tired and the Sub-Conscience is begining to take over.. sounds like theory but its what i’ve discovered.. i began Telekanetics 3 years ago and at first it was when i had to be tired to accomplish anything now i have in a way harrnessed it that i can Consciencely do it.. but at the same time it can send you body energies (if you can call them that) out of whack.. meaning that anger depression or Sadness can spark off a “Telekenetic Fit” i’ve been so pissed off that Drinking Glasses.. exploded in a Clockwise direction on the dining table. Telekenetics is a Scary yet intriguing topic.. for an object to move with out any physical Force applied is boggling to logic Thought.. for as Isaac Newtown said (well i think he said it).. every Action has a reaction, and every force has a equal and Opposing Force. if you guys have any inquires Email me on
    Posted by: John Doe at June 27, 2004 06:39 AM
  • I am interested in learning telekenises, so if anyone can teach me or atleast give me some tips, please email me at thnks.
    Posted by: claudia at June 30, 2004 01:48 PM
  • Science is what we build our lives on and science always clashes with religion. When something disagrees with both, no matter how much evedence is present, ignorance will prevail.

    I made it about half way down the page and skipped to the bottom so i appologize if this sounds off topic from what was just mentioned.

    We all have come here looking to find an answer…looking for something that no matter what is said, it’s not going to change what we believe. Every one of you will leave here with a stronger feeling that this exists. I could say and show you that it does not exist, but you would all still believe. I could also sit here and tell you that it exists and that i lift objects all the time. and once again. you will not believe me.

    with that aside i will share with you my experiences and ideas that i have, and maybe someone will learn something more than just a little “it works really” or “it’s a bunch of crock”

    for a few minutes, i want to ask you to set aside everything that you believe…even religion. After this you can go back and think of what ever you want.

    early on in evolution, we had these gifts that we know of today as “powers” kind of like prehistoric X-men type thing (a little over exagerated but you get the idea) we used this girft to find food and defend ourselves. we lived in dangerous times with lions and bears and all these animals that would use us as food. we learned to speak and communicate becuase it was easier than using powers. humans like to find easier ways to do things. likwise most of us stopped using the other powers as well. others continued to use it and passed it on. but as time grew, there were fewer and fewer people using it. It popped up every now and then. people like nostrodomus and some of the writtings in the bible and there are very many unheard of people as well.

    It’s not like choping off your hand and when something falls you still think you can catch it with that hand. This is something we have never used.

    But there are somethings that we do use today. We may not use telekenetics now-a-days but we do use other forms of our powers. prayer is a form of our power. people believe that by praying they are talking to God to give them the ability to do something or for something to happen but. It is really them Willing it to happen.

    Now if you really want to move things with your mind…you have to think differently. your trying to ask something to move and get your power from other things. you have to know that it YOU that has the power. you are just an over educated monkey. why do you think we are at the top of the food chain? the power! the dolphin is smarter than we are and they are still stuck in the water being eaten by predators.

    To begin with lifting things with your mind you have to forget everything religion teaches you. it slows down your development. to make it easier to understand i will create a math problem for you. 1+1+1-1-1+1= 2 right? ok well lets take out all of the religion and beliefs of getting energy from trees and God and you just get 1+1=2. your answer doesn’t have to be tripple checked and you don’t have to think so hard. it’s more concrete.

    I’m not saying this will be an easy task. most of you will become discouraged and give up. besides. it’s our nature to take the easy route. thats why we lost the power to begin with. When you are willing to this, you will find yourself advancing further.

    There is alot more than that. I could probably write a book on this so i basically paraphrased a 400 pg book. excuse the bluntness of it all. there is alot more. I’m sure that like i stated in the begining, most of you will turn your head at this becuase it goes against both science and religion. (and also becuase i wrote this fast and didn’t use spell check so it looks unprofessional)

    I can tell you how to re-learn this power. I’ll admit it’s going to be hard trying to unlearn what you’ve always been taught. and it will take alot of time becuase, it uses your brain…something that needs to be exercised.

    E-mail me if you want to learn more. but don’t expect me to give you every answer. I too am on the long road and not as far ahead as many would like to be. but to know the truth should be a reward in itself.
    Posted by: Chris at July 3, 2004 06:13 PM

  • Hello to those of this website, in this post I will sound very critical and disbelieving of you and for this I apologize in advance. First of all I must tell you that the concentration and meditation is all for naught, you cannot open your mind it is closed to you for a reason. Christian family man Keith I believe you truely wish for you to stop misleading these people, they do not need your misguilding. As for others who are posting for the want of learning this anchient art you are looking for answers to questions that do not begin in our own time, they originate in fuedal Japan and China where the art of Chi and Ki were first discovered strengthened and honed to a refined art. Anchient sources tell us that there were warriors in both China and Japan that were the most feared and hated for they used thier katanas as a last resort, thier primary weapon was telekenetic, pyrokenetic, elctrokenetic, and so on and so forth with all known elements, man made things and anything else they could use. I am only 15(go ahead and make your remark of it Keith) but have studied the Art my entire life as my father and mother were killed in 1990 by a force the police and other national forces could only discribe as supernatural although death certificates explain it away as gang wars(I lived in L.A. during this time). thier spinal cords had been snapped in five spots with no signs of struggle, no hand prints or indentions in the back from a weapon of any sort they were simply ripped sideways in these locations. I will post more later as to the history and teaching of the Art if anyone wishes after this post Flame my E-Mail if you wish I have posted it. Goodbye for now(TACOS!!! YAY!!!).
    Posted by: Kainiando Hunter at July 3, 2004 07:17 PM
  • Hi everyone, this is a phenomenol site, it’s like an open line about telekenesis. here are my thoughts

    In life i can prove very little but this, I am an 18 year old male preciding in Canada, I live a relatively clean life. I recently came very interested in this telekenesis and telepathy stuff. I myself want to be capable of it. It’s not too become cool and show my friends, I just want to learn it. That’s all there is to it. I don’t think it’s superficial, I only want to discover something different than the normality of my society.

    Now, I have never talked to god or been abducted by aliens, yet I listen to and read things about the paranormal all the time. Where I’m going with this is the argument of whether any of this is possible or not. this may seem a little long winded but i have to get it out. There are 3 or 4 possibilities depending on how you mix them, or so i have been able to conclude:

    1. God does exist, as do aliens and the lot, telekenesis, telepathy and all. I myself would like this to be true oh so much. With the deepest depths of my mind i want god to exist, yet he never answers me and i can not prove his existance. If telepathy and telekenesis is caused by evil forces and I unlocked it, this would make me utterly content. for if there is an evil and hell there is also a heaven and god. If i unlocked this i would know there is something out there and I would spend my life following god. I only wish there was a way to know. this is way off topic, but it relates to the possibility of our minds having powers we do not know of. I know that i should be dead by now, in several circumstances throughout my life i have seen how i could have and possibly should have died, hit by a car, or laying neck deep in snow, alone over a cliff with a snowboard attached to my feet etc. I believe that something else saved me besides luck, but can not prove so.

    2. God does not exist, our minds do have hidden powers. I do not know if only some of us would have them or all of us. I have never once seen another person do something that would prove this possible. I would like to, the reason I believe in the possibility of human beings having hidden power is because we continually hear about it, on tv and on late night talk shows, coughARTBELLcough. I hope that every story is not a hoax for someone to crave for attention.

    3. There is no god, anything you have heard about psycho/telekenetic and telepathic powers are just made up stories and legends. No lochness monster, no sasquatch it’s all fake. I wish there was a way to know.

    One thing that puzzles me to the extent of it being unbearably confusing is if god does not exist, how do we. It is impossible to create matter and energy from nothing. Are we not matter, is the sun not energy. How

    in the world is it possible for humans to exist. Take an empty glass look at it and fill it with water. You can’t, it’s impossible to create matter. So how does the glass exist, I have racked my brain trying to find the answer, and I’m sad to say I can’t find it and I don’t believe there is one. Peace
    Posted by: Mike at July 5, 2004 07:10 PM

  • Did you know the Universe is expanding? Ever heard the theory that one day it will collapse in on itself, and the big bang will occur again, and again and again. Just kidding, the universe is not only expanding it is forever accelerating. Dispite the force of gravity, and no source of acceleration, the universe is moving away from itself at increasing speed.

    Mike, you pose a challenging comment. Without a creator how can we explain this Universe. As Mike said, the law of conservation of mass and energy states matter/energy can never be created/destroyed. This means the matter/energy making up you and me and everything we see has always existed in the same exact amount as it did 10,000,000,000 years ago. This means matter, having no beginning, is infinitly eternal. Imagine you are standing at a road stretching from your left to right. The left side of the road is the past, the right side is the future, and where you stand is the present. If you look to the left, into the past, and look for a beginning of the universe you will discover there isn’t one. You will see the “time line” of the universe come all the way to the present and will then gradually go by as time passes. If everything in the universe dissapeared today. And you measured that piece of road from the present to the past you would find only eternity. How has the universe existed in eternity, yet has not yet seen tomorrow. By pure logic, the universe is impossible, it always has been, and always will be, haveing no beginning and no ending. This is where logic fails, because logic is governed by three dimentional terms. Logic is also very people friendly. Try to concieve a true geometrical line (defined: “a straight line haveing no beginning and no end). Here is a cool experiment. Take some of todays scienctific discoveries and compare them with the spoken words of God in the Bible. For example the law of conservation of mass/energy (the amount of matter and energy in existance will never change”, and compare it with “Behold, I am God, I do not change.” There are many more like “be fruitful and multiply” compared with the cellular stages in which a fetus developes (if you dont know the cells literally absorb and multiply 2 then 4 then 8 …)
    Posted by: Derrick at July 6, 2004 11:59 AM

  • All i can say is if u can teach me how to do it…….im willin to do anything.
    Posted by: Kendrick at July 12, 2004 10:58 AM
  • Wow this my second post from a very long time. I can’t believe this is still pretty active.When i get angry stuff starts shaking in my house, its sorta weird but i dont know if its telekinetics or just something else. I sounded so enlightened way back then in my post in January :)…..hopefully all you people find what your looking for in telekinesis.
    Posted by: person at July 14, 2004 09:44 AM
  • can anyone teach me how to do telekinesis just email me at please i want to learn so badly.

    Posted by: Cody at July 15, 2004 07:56 PM

  • [comment — consisting of several book chapters — deleted]
  • Alright, first of all … i won’t teach you anything

    second, yes, i can perfrom telekenesis

    Alright, all what’s above this thread is bullcrap..

    it’s nothing like “force it to move”

    don’t be such and fucking idiot to type that shit…

    just stop this thread due a lack of knowledge about it…

    email me if you want to argue, i’ll never come back to this forum again
    Posted by: PLEASE at July 31, 2004 04:39 AM

  • i would like to apply for the job send me more info on how to apply.
    Posted by: floyd coley at July 31, 2004 11:33 AM
  • It occurs to me that with all abilites there seems to be a price to pay weither its a sore arm or a broken bone, so researcher say someone did reply with developed abilites of telekinesis could you guarintee that there would always be a safe level maintained between the mind and reality, for instance say the subject was trying to move something overly strenous is there a possibility that the subject could go into his mind and not be able to come out.
    Posted by: E at July 31, 2004 08:45 PM
  • euhm i’m new to this site and didnt read all above and its too much to read anyway, i would like to learn telekinesis can someone mail me on who can teach me
    Posted by: kyle at August 5, 2004 04:16 PM
  • If any of you can ecctually do Telekenesis, then can you E mail me ( i’ve been wanting to do it for ages, and i just need help in order to achievie it. Please can you help me out
    Posted by: Raziel at August 6, 2004 10:55 AM
  • will teach the right persons TK $50.00 hr. email me at for more info.
    Posted by: floyd coley at August 9, 2004 03:28 AM
  • i can make a flame mouve left to right and stay still but im stuck can some one email me please and tell me how to go on

    Posted by: madced at August 10, 2004 08:37 PM

  • I am trying to learn telekinesis. I try to pratice it everyday. Can someone please e-mail me and tell me a way that I can get better at telekinesis? Thanks. My e-mail address is
    Posted by: Rachel at August 20, 2004 05:02 PM
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12 Replies to “move small objects [2004]”

  1. hello
    i have read so much online about telekinesis. i have read stories of encounters and what not, but i want to learn how to develope it. i am not trying to get into this to show off (if i am able to fully develope it, i would never tell anyone i had it) i just want it to show myself that i really do have another state of mind. i’m only 14 years old, and i really would like to get into this. i am not into moving objects with mind, but more into communicating phychologically. if you have any information on how to get started please contact me! . thank you so much again, hope to hear from someone soon.

  2. I have been trying to develop telekinesis and had not had that much succsess i am 12 and have read this whole fourm and hope that someone can email me on the first method they used conttact me at

  3. To whom may concern
    What goverment agency deals with telekenetics, also
    I am afraid not to control it later.
    Thank you

  4. One night i had this strange dream my family left me. I woke up and i found my bed underneath the window! My furniture had moved! I can’t figure out how to move other things! I’m getting sick and tired of always answering my own questions!How do I open my third eye? That’s a question, I can’t answer myself. HELP!?

  5. hey im 14 years old and have been trying to move objects with my mind but havent been succesful ….
    But if anyone wouldn\’t mind helping me out with some tips and pointers plz e-mail me at …..thx alot

  6. i have visions of past lives.. and i can also tap into another ralm its really weird! what is this power called ? and how can i stregthen it??
    If anyone else out there has this power please email me at

  7. I have praticed TK and so far nothing has worked.My parents dont believe in it but i can see aura and almost any type of energy.When I dream, the dreams mostly come true and i can sometimes predict the future or what somebody is going to say.I seem to atract phsycics to me(I know 3 underdeveloped phsycics)I would very much like to master TK,
    also I know that it must be self taught( the person who taught me to see energies cant see them himself)but if U have any tips?

  8. this website has helpen me alot i dont feel like i’m alone anymore. for many years now ive been having wierd feelings and i find the feelings are getting worse. Ive been seeing things since i was like 6 but this past year ive found i can do little things like move little twigs and stuff like that. The creatures ive seen are starting 2 communicate with me. 1 of my friends is a demon hunter and he thinks ive developed abilites to communicate with the dead and the like demons. I’m a lil scared but i wanna noe more and learn how 2 use the abilites to the will og God. But i do wanna get them under controol. if u can help me plzz plzz reply.

  9. It’s kinda funny when I see people writing that they don’t think this works or what not. The reason I say that is because I used to be that way. I hired a person into my company about a year ago. On his first day we went out to lunch and he was saying something about being able to move things with his mind. I was like yeah ok! Until he actually show me!!! He could do a number of different things. Now this is NO street magic stuff, it was for real.
    1.) He would stop the second hand inside of a watch, while it was still on your wriste.
    2.) He would put a paper clip underneath a papercup and make the paperclip jump up and move the cup.
    3.) On a table he would move the paperclip from side to side.
    4.) He put a paperclip in my hand and would make it stand up( freak me right out!)
    5.) At my company Christmas party he took a fork and told everyone to focus on one of the points. He held the fork at the very bottom and started to shake it back and forth very fast. While doing this you could see the point you were focusing on actually start to bend.
    6.) This one’s the most freakiest! He took a spoon and held most of the spoon in his hands where you could only see the spoon part(not the handle part) as he held it, his face would clinch and when he was done the handle next to the top was twisted around 3 times!!! And there was NO way that you could twist it back with your bare hands without you using some sort of tools.
    He said that it took him a whole summer(when he was in high school he got grounded for the summer for smoking pot) to learn how. He stated that on a web site it told him to take a pin and tie a string to it and to hang it from a jar. The wierd thing is he could only do it for a brief moment because he would feel very light headed and his hands were like ice when he was done. Very very cold.
    I know some people wont believe it (I was one) but when you actually see it you mouth just drops to the floor. Absolutely amazing!!!!

  10. Does anyone get hot when someone’s staring at u any being mean or just thinking a mean thought.

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