It still shocks me that there are people who openly defend the sickening hate of things like this. I’m not shocked that there are hypocritical defenders of genocide in America. There will always be at least a few people who manage to poison themselves with the stink of their own bile.

What still shocks me is when open calls for racial genocide are waved away as a just wee bit of a rant. Blowing off a little steam. As many times as I see it, I am still shocked when this kind of holocaust-porn is dismissed as normal enough to excuse. To accept. To defend

That’s when a society becomes able to commit the most unimaginable horrors — when these horrors become innocuous things. When calls for mindless slaughter can be easily brushed aside or ignored. When a society is able to remain asleep while enacting its nightmares. That’s when things get truly fucking frightening.

Fortunately there are still conservatives who are sane enough to be frightened too. Scott McConnell at the American Conservative Magazine :

You see it on certain blogs and hear it in the rants of some of the most widely listened to right-wing talk-radio hosts. If the Arabs don’t want to be democratic, we should nuke them. We have no choice but to nuke them for our own safety. It’s a vulgarized neoconservatism –no one from the American Enterprise Institute speaks like this (in public). But this talk is around in the heartland and growing, and it is wind in the sails of the new administration.

[via Daily Kos]

Hopefully it’s not too late to be speaking up….