Fundamentalist Checklist – TOTALLY not gay

Characteristics of fundamentalist fascism:

  • They hate liberated women and all that symbolizes them. They hate it when women compete with men in the workplace, when they decide when or whether they will bear children, when they show the independence of getting abortions. They hate changes in laws that previously gave men more power over women.
  • They hate the wide range of sexual orientations and lifestyles that have always characterized human societies. They hate homosexuality.
  • They hate individual freedoms that allow people to stray from the rigid sort of truth they want to constrain all people. They hate individual rights that let others slough off their simple certainties.

This measure of fundamentalist insecurity turns out to be a helpful way to size up man’s man Doug Giles at TownHall. He firmly (ooh!) expresses his masculinity — without even the slightest hint of defensivenes — by picking on… Clay Aiken.

Yep. That’s how friggin’ hardkore Doug Giles is.
So watch your back, girlie men.

Yes, much to my delight, we “non-progressives” are not cool with the metrosexual healing the cultural quacks are attempting to administer to the male collective, and we are going back towards the traditional definitions of the role of men in society.

Traditionally, young men fled from getting in touch with their supposed “feminine side” and instead they tapped into the gritty and grubby competitive “real world” where you thrive or die. (By the way … if I want to get in touch with my feminine side … I’ll grab my wife.)

if concerned conservatives want to improve our nation, then we have got to resist the current culture of man hatred, wherever and whenever we find it, whether that means not going to movies with an emasculating message, or shouting “that’s bull**t” when we hear and see this stuff on TV or in the classroom, or, more positively, developing old school ways of creating environments conducive to raising warriors and wild men.

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