It finally sunk in: Glenn Reynolds is just not a very important person.

This whole “blog” thing, at least among people who are deeply involved in something they like to call “blogs,” is largely about re-enforcement of one’s worldview.

I think they’re trying to take my guns away – click here!
I think we’re sliding inexorably into a new corporate capitalist fascist empire — click here!

Even though we are sliding inexorably into corporate fascist empire, the clicking and five sentence ranting ends up being fairly unproductive and hugely distracting. Especially for me, since I have this problem with what I’ll refer to in shorthand as dollhouses. Microcosms where the details can be managed, where the entire system is small enough to be comprehensible, a complex and chaotic world in a manageable scale. Things like Matchbox cars, Dungeons and Dragons, SimCity…

it’s a powerful addiction. I remember almost nothing from junior high except the weapons possessed by my fighter-thief dwarf character. I’ve lost entire weeks trying to get my rows of pixels to solve their traffic problems. And I’ve tried to digest every shifting flux in the now overabundant flow of news.

So now re-ordering my microcosms such that they better reflect things that are interesting and alive, rather than a reflection of the pixelated plumbing systems of another game world.