LJ Parody

In some ways, LiveJournal is one of the more powerful and convenient “online communities” around. Unfortunately this is partially due to it’s insularity — a walled garden approach to community building. Walled gardens can be pleasant, unless the gardener starts ripping things out of the ground without warning…

A parody journal by user “george_w_bush” was recently deleted without warning by the LiveJournal abuse team because it didn’t contain a notice on every post that the writer was not really George W Bush. Because it was deleted without warning, all the writing is gone, and LJ won’t allow the user to have it. (The author of this post at Shock and Awe claims that they had their paid LJ account suspended for criticizing a politician by name…)

One of the authors of the deleted parody explains the whole thing, and she’d like other LJ users to put the word out.