Burning Down the House

The citizens of San Diego stuck to their anti-tax guns even while those damned liberal fire fighters spent decades warning them of massive impending brush fires

Officials often ignored warnings on San Diego fire danger

SAN DIEGO – Fire officials told local leaders for years that a lack of firefighters combined with dry brush and hot winds could result in massive wildfires like the ones that raged in recent weeks – but the warnings were often ignored, it was reported Saturday.

Fire officials also predicted they would be unable to stop even small brush fires because they lacked resources, according to a review of San Diego city and county records by the Los Angeles Times.

Voters, however, rejected referendums to beef up fire protection with increased taxes.

Determined not to make the same mistake again now that so many homes and lives have been lost, so many billions wasted on a disaster that was clearly foreseen and so easily prevented, the new Schwarzenegger administration has decided to boldly… cut taxes going towards local firefighters and police agencies.

In an upcoming bold move, Arnold’s team confirms that 2 minus 2 minus 2 still not quite equal to 4.