Among the reasons I started writing in this medium was so I could have some forum to vent my rage and confusion, particularly in the wake of a “preemptive” American war. It gave me some way to argue with the fools and vampires who howled in favor of an occupation, who chanted in blind obedience or wallowed in tortured belief of the occupier of the White House.

This purpose no longer seems valid. There’s no longer anyone I can even pretend that I’m arguing with. I can’t find an intelligent blogger who is willing or able to address the sickening circus that’s been happening for the last few months from a pro-war/pro-Bush perspective.

The lies are unquestionable. Even corporate media is mentioning unmentionable things like the total lack of any threat whatsoever from Iraq and the utter disconnection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. Even Donald Rumsfeld is saying the cheerful pre-war mythology was a pile of bullshit, while still managing to say it’s all a good thing. And no one’s even bothering to come up with flimsy excuses–Bush simply blamed the sailors on the ship he used for his photo op for the content of his photo op. A spy who spent her career searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction is outed by a vengeful administration and right-wing bloodsucking whores suddenly attempt to make an argument in favor of treason. It’s gotten this stupid.

And on the day sixteen Americans were plunged to a flaming death as their helicopter was shot from the sky, conservative bloggers remained silent. Hard hitting war pig Glenn Reynolds spent his time complaining that columnist Maureen Dowd may have used hyperbole, until several other writers repeatedly pointed out his cowardly hypocritical silence. He eventually mumbled something vague about how he doesn’t really write about Iraq

Such flaccid sniveling sputum is not worth gracing with rebuttal, even in this solipsistic sandbox. Not that there isn’t plenty to argue about. But I think I need to address it in some other way, maybe more solipsistic…

For example when the fires were burning outside Lake Arrowhead near where I grew up, and Geraldo Rivera was on Fox News waving his hand at smoldering blackened tree trunks complaining about the tree huggers (quote) who had prevented the clearing of the forest which Bush had been trying to do. “As you can see,” he said “there are just too many trees.”

How to even begin? How to discuss the bark beetle infestation, the lack of funds for clearing the dead trees, the chaparral in the foothills where the fires all started, the state and private land the fires burned through, the imbalance in fire prevention planning and funds for the dry, heavily populated areas of Southern California, and what the FUCK does any of that have to do with allowing logging companies to thin heavily forested federal lands without legal review? Not a goddamn fucking thing, Geraldo. Not a goddamn thing.

However Bush waiting six months before rejecting federal aid to clear dead trees in Southern California, and rejecting it just a few hours before those very trees went up in flames? Well, that seems kinda relevant.

Unfortunately I don’t really feel better pointing it out. Geraldo still somehow manages to defy the laws of nature with a public career, and Republican media corporations continue to remain tightly on message.

So maybe I should be more focused on maintaining my own sanity rather than trying to make some kind of semi-public rational argument. These aren’t really rational times after all…