Mind Power

Over the last few months of non-blogging, one post has continued to gather comments — this post from July about a craig’s list want ad for someone with telepathic powers.

So far about six or seven desperate seekers have left comments asking for assistance in developing their hidden powers. And several masters of the mental arts (such as Paladeus and konosawa, grandson of kunaba) have offered their advice and encouragement. The original ad was offering $75 an hour to move small objects, so I suppose I can understand the motivation of the would-be telepaths.

But reading this impromptu telepathic help group has clarified how I’m unfit for the calling of supervillan — I simply cannot take this ball and run with it. And as far as opportunities for evil manipulation go, this is as soft a pitch as they come. As I read over the comments, saying to myself “oh dear,” I imagine the real supervillans laughing in cruel mockery at my pansy weakness, my inability to exploit the desperate and gullible.

In short, I have come to the conclusion that I am just really not ever going to make it onto the board of Halliburton. Oh well.

As for all y’all seeking to unlock the secrets of consciousness, matter, and energy, I’d suggest drinking lots of juice, avoiding artificial electromagnetic fields, and keep plugging away for another decade or so. The Singularity’s a-comin’….