You could feel small things moving, sliding past your fingers beneath the surface. Drawing your hand back for examination, you noted numerous species of insect crawling upon and investigation your hand and arm. Small creatures with pincers on both ends, like vicious centipedes, strode bravely across the length of your palm. Something with spindly legs clambered onto your sleeve. A slug was working its way along your other hand, supporting you in the dirt…


but then it started raining. i heard thunder first and couldn’t quite believe it, but it wasn’t a far-off airplane. it was a little rain coming. i stayed outside awhile, smelling the wetness & washing the dirt off my skin with the hose. i felt like a kid on the hill in the house where i grew up. always staying outside too late, losing my shoes and getting dirty. and here i am, back in the hills, still in the city where i grew up, still dirty & hanging out with the bugs that scare me & pretending they’re not there.