I entered the Truth Laid Bear new weblog showcase. Anyone in the ecosystem can vote for zota by linking to this post . And I get to vote for my three favorites:

The S-Train CanvassHaters, the whole lot of you!
This one is amazing: hard talkers, soft lives:

Some of you have been hard talkin’ too much. What I mean by hard talkin’? Saying things like, “I’ll eviscerate a terrorist if I see one”, “You want some of this France”, and the classic “Bring ’em on”. Some of you have never experienced violence up close and personal, live soft lives, yet are the hardest talkers. Let me tell you something: YOU NEED TO HARD WALK A LITTLE.

Oni BloggerWeebl and Bob do hentai
A Doris Mitsch flower scan and the meaning of hentai.
(Turns out the disturbingly recurring tentacle theme is a reference to traditional Japanese images of perl divers — get it? — being attacked by octopi.)

Also a nice post on blogging:

When we think of examining our life, modern people usually think of analyzing their problems, setting goals, and coming up with solutions. To which, I dare say, “A boring life, even examined is still boring.”