Midgets Talking Backwards

So much for Cruz.. Recall and replacement on same ballot, Oct 7.

And Bill Simon might run again (dear god, why). But now there’s a rumor that Schwarzenegger might not run? Then who? It only takes 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot for free, and it only takes a plurality of votes to get elected…. Maybe everybody on Friendster should all run each other for governor. The biggest slut with the most testimonials would surely be better than the current array of choices.

Meanwhile Davis is trying to squeeze in to his old “democrat” costume that used to fit back in high school:

In San Francisco, a Democratic bastion he has visited three times in the last week, Davis appeared with Mayor Willie Brown at a day-care center where Davis sat on the floor in a circle of children for an awkward rendition of “This Land Is Your Land.”

Doesn’t look like Gray is going to fit in to those pants by October.
Prison food goes straight to your ass.

On the bright side, this whole election is starting to resemble a very trying episode of Twin Peaks.

Hey. wait a minute…

Maybe that would explain both California politics and the movie Mullholand Drive.