Bad Heir Day

They sure do have the Iraqi “breaking news” ready waaay in advance. Sitting at a coffee shop, I got slapped with an hour long TV special with multiple interviews about the Brothers Hussein, their full biographies, a psychological breakdown, an analysis of their escape strategies, a profile of the shootout, a prophesy-based media analysis of how future news reports will affect future news in Iraq, and a brief discussion of the Rose Garden ceremony tomorrow.

Mission Accomplished!

Obviously it’s unpatriotic to ask, but I am curious: two hundred soldiers from the 101 Airborne, crack anti-terrorist Task Force 20, circling Apache helicopters firing TOW missiles…
and seven guys held them all off for six hours with nothing but small arms fire?

Well damn. I guess they really were supervillains.

Which must be the reason we had to kill them extra hard rather than get any intelligence from them or put them on trial or use them to find Saddam or even release them on the streets of Baghdad for some Mussolini-style lamppost action. Cause when you have supervillains that powerful holed up in a villa, you gotta blow that shit all the way up on the spot. Otherwise they’d just bust out like Godzilla and stomp the fuck out of Mosul.

Some people like Lambert at Eshaton just don’t understand how to deal with supervillains:

At best, killing Saddam’s sons was a missed opportunity. At worst, it’s the tip of the iceberg of a policy of targeted assassination that perverts the notion of American justice, and will lead to blowback just as certainly as funding Afghan jihaadists did.


[clever title jacked from polaroidgirl’s dad’s friend phil]