Metaphorically Speaking

LA Observed is keeping up with the attention given to Michael Ramirez’s latest deeply confused attempt at conservative editorial cartooning.

For example at the Washington Post. And at the LA Times, where he offers this thoughtful explanation of the cartoon:

“President Bush is the target, metaphorically speaking, of a political assassination because of 16 words that he uttered in the State of the Union,” Ramirez said. “The image, from the Vietnam era, is a very disturbing image. The political attack on the president, based strictly on sheer political motivations, also is very disturbing.”

Apparently Ramirez does not explain why he depicted Iraq as Vietnam and Bush as a Viet Cong guerilla.

Of course conservatives must be blinded with outrage that anyone, right-wing or liberal, could slur the president in this incompetent way. The cries of treason, the patriotic outrage, the, uh…

The “viciousness” is not in Ramirez’s cartoon, but rather in the mindless partisan attacks on the President which dominate the news day after day.

Such high-minded unbending principles.

It’s like Bill K and I always say: Bush is driving one of our two major political parties stark, raving mad.

[via Matthew Yglesias ] Eugene Volokh makes this insight:

Seems to me that the Secret Service should be focusing on real threats, not on this.

Or this, or this, or this, or this
The delicious irony doesn’t make it less bitter.