It’s fascinating to watch Bush supporters try to deal with an admission of his deceit. So little personal agency ascribed to our once-decisive Leader. So many unseen forces at work.
Eugene Volokh on the initial CBS story:

(1) the allegation is about “the White House,” not “Bush,” and (2) the allegation is that the White House knew that the information “might not be true,” not that it was “false.”

I haven’t been following the uranium/Niger/Iraq/State-of-the-Union story closely, but I’m perfectly prepared to believe that there were serious intelligence screw-ups, stretches by government officials, or even intentional attempts to mislead people on some people’s part. Among other things, I’m perfectly prepared to believe that because that’s the way governments (or, for that matter, human beings) often operate. If this happened, then it’s bad, and it’s right that people should try to get to the bottom of things.

See there? It was the White House giving the State of the Union address, not the President. And even if it “”might not be true”, it was still just a wee error. Perhaps a “screw-up.” Might go so far as to call it a “stretch.” It certainly was not a deception with thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars on the line. It was rather just a gentile “attempt to mislead.” It wasn’t the most carefully studied speech in the world, but rather something vague done “on some people’s part.”

It’s almost like Volokh is describing George W Bush as some kind of expensive but poorly functioning puppet.

Imagine that.

Glenn Reynolds:

I probably should take these more seriously, just because the mainstream media are pretending to. But it’s hard to take it seriously when it looks like the same bogus crap from the same desperate people, who — as Randy Barnett notes here — want to blur the line between “mistakes” and “lies” in a way that they certainly never did during the Clinton Administration.

It’s partisan backstabbing, pure and simple, and it doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Ah, yes. Bogus crap. Desperate people. Clinton….

mistake : lie
cum stain : nuclear weapons
blowjob : ongoing warfare and bloody reconstruction
potayto : potahto….

Besides, it’s not even worth taking seriously. There’s no reason to discuss it. Why talk about it at all? What is there to even talk about?? Let’s just not talk about it!!

Since Bush and Rice are now blaming pointedly mentioning George Tenet, I wonder if the CIA is going to agree that this is nothing serious and not worth talking about? [also Kos]. Maybe if everyone only talks about it in passive voice.

Something was done on someone’s part and people should get to the bottom of things. And it’s partisan bogus crap. Shhhhhh…