Remember the Cyclone filter in Kai’s Power Tools ?
(You know, KPT 2.1? The version with the fractal generator?)

Well anyway, the cyclone filter would randomly spin the all the values of the color channels in real time — 80 MHz of processor never looked so good! To actually employ the filter on an image, you had to click on one particular moment in the random rotation of psychedelic color and hope for the best. And then the computer would crash.

God damn those were heady days! Cause if you clicked at the exact moment that the perfect combination of HSB values was on oozing across the screen, and your computer didn’t crash…
I – P – O, mutherfucker.

Strange Banana will spit out random CSS web designs for you with the same automated glee, but without the ravey fractal trip-out. Sorry.

If you’d rather swipe some nice human-crafted CSS layouts, Open Source Web Design is happy to lend a hand to all the hard working sisters and brothers on the street.

And if you want to re/discover your Calvinist work ethic Simon Willison walks through stylesheets in a way that actually makes sense and is easy to follow.