Fox News on Jessica Lynch

An AP story on Fox News (Fox News?) largely confirms the BBC report (Fox News??) that the “hut! hut! hut!” and random gunfire and door kicking in the “dramatic rescue” of Jessica Lynch was indeed more dramatic than rescue.

First there was that whole Americans-shooting-the-ambulance when the Iraqis tried to give Lynch back. Slapstick.

Twelve hours after all Iraqi troops had pulled out of town, the commandos arrived. Tthe deputy director of the hospital had just put his son to bed at 11:45pm:

Then he heard loud voices: “Go! Go! Go!”

The commandos burst in.

Al-Jabbar said the soldiers declined an offer of the hospital’s master key so they wouldn’t have to break down the doors.

“They pointed the gun at us for two hours,” he said. “Their manner was very rude. They even handcuffed the director of the hospital. … Not a single shot was fired at them. They shot at doors — all doors. They broke them, kicked them open.”

Al-Hazbar said he had expected a raid but was surprised by its intensity. Now that there was no Iraqi military around, why so much force? He said he and his family found themselves surrounded by about 20 American soldiers firing their guns.

“They were shooting indiscriminately, everywhere, at windows, between our legs, on the floor. We were terrified,” al-Hazbar said.

A first-person account by the rescuee? Unnamed sources report that Jessica Lynch now resides in blissful oblivion within a sealed vat of national security juice:

U.S. officials have said Lynch, who is recovering in a Washington hospital, doesn’t remember anything about her capture, and she has not yet commented publicly about her time in Iraq

Ah yes, good old amnesia. Just like Fred Flintstone.

[oh hey, MSNBC too.]

Lynch’s parents officially join her in the fuzzy haze of the security juice.

PALESTINE, W.Va. – American POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch’s parents said Thursday they are not permitted to discuss details of their daughter’s capture and rescue in Iraq.