In this gassy article at the New York Times Magazine, a cadre of young white wealthy conservatives at an ivy league school get some major press for using the word “diversity” and wearing t-shirts.

When the Bucknell conservatives assemble for their weekly meetings, they look like a typical, if all-white, sampling of American undergraduates, which is to say, there are plenty of ragged T-shirts, backward baseball caps and frayed jeans in the room. Some club members even let their freak flag fly a little. Aaron Hanlon, who attends the school on a grant, recently cut his hair into ragged spikes and dyed it blond. With his skeletal runner’s frame and hawklike nose, he could pass as the elegantly smack-addled lead guitarist in a neometal band instead of the hard-right conservative that he is. Corey Langer is a club member just out of his freshman year who dresses in full-goth regalia, complete with ankle-length black overcoat, vintage Ozzy T-shirt, pentagram necklace and an array of ”finger armor” that he bought at a ”psycho-hippie shop” near his hometown of Higganum, Conn.

So hip, they even have a pet goth. With finger armor.

Behold the freak flag of cutting-edge young conservative culture:

here at a Feb 2003 “Happy Hour” of the Heritage Foundation Young Leadership Network.

and here at their October 2002 meet and greet with Lucianne Goldberg’s kid.

and here are the staff photos of the Collegiate Network of conservative college journalists

and here is a discussion of just how embarrassing it really is at ludic log [via Tom Tomorrow]

free republic pirated the entire article from the times. One insightful comment: “Those photos are terrible. They look like a bunch of Nazis.”