All conspiracy theories aside, governor Bush has given seven different descriptions of what he was doing when he first heard of the attack on the World Trade Center. In several of these, he claims he watched the first plane hit the tower on television live. (No one saw the first plane hit the tower on live TV). I suppose this is could be interpreted as only as a massive embarrassment for our interim chief executive. But reading the full timeline of the morning of September 11, 2001, it seems much much worse than simplemindedness.

With the facts in such total confusion, the Bush regime should want to put their full backing behind a far-reaching examination of 9/11, just in the name of their own self-interests, right? Right??

[see Tom Tomorrow for more]

Conspiracy theories not aside, how is it that a passport which was inside an incinerated building, presumably on the body of an incinerated person, who was inside an airplane which was so incinerated than not even the black box survived — how is it that this passport fluttered to earth unscathed several blocks from the rubble which was the WTC? This is a pretty major piece of evidence, and it looks so… unlikely.

I’m sure all of this will be clarified by the ’04 Republican National Convention so that the delegates can dance on the bones of the dead with a clear conscience.