Sounds better than a junkie dolphin

William Gibson stands up for the Johnny Mnemonic that could have been:

I’ll tell you something you may not believe: Dolph Lungren can actually do *comedy*. I mean, like, who knew? But he can, and did, with great gusto. The nature of his character was anchored in a scene in his church (he’s the local Panawave-equivalent) in which he preaches, buck nekkid and skin-studded with creepy nano-gizmos, to a congragation of adoring female NAS victims. He delivers a bombastic, faux-Sterlingesque, literally balls-out *sermon* on the virtues of posthumanity. It came off sort of like Fabio as the Jesus you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. It *rocked*. Hilarious. So Sony cut.

Sony told Gibson that they were afraid of offending the religious right (who do indeed strive to be scary-ass mutherfuckers). But it sounds like they had more justification to fear getting the extropians into a blood frenzy. Which means it’s really too bad there doesn’t seem to be a chance for getting this scene released. Extropians in a blood frenzy are almost as wacky as a naked aryan Jesus.