No, look at the floor

Charles Eicher at Disinfotainment has a wonderful story about and the fauna of LA’s Chinatown.

As we approached, I saw about 30 cats standing around the back of the store, yowling, scrambling around by a fence, keeping them from the dumpster which was overflowing with waste. I’d never seen anything like it. We tried to avoid that scene, I told my friend to peek in the front window. He looked through the grimy window and started screaming and freaking out. He asked me if it was always like this. I said, “what? It’s just some chickens in cages.”…

It ends in a scene of medieval warfare. Yeah, I know that feeling. But this sort of thing is more well-hidden these days. Hopefully, Yee Mee Loo’s is also just very well-hidden, but I fear that a bar this good must have met same fate as those poor chickens yearning to be free.