Marketing as Narrative

There’s an old conspiracy theory/secret history/urban legend narrativized in the form of a book catalog.

(Oh yeah, it’s true — disinfo has all the dirt on Ong’s Hat , if you’re sure you want to know. But that’s a whole other story. )

Using epiphenomenal commercial structures to create an ambient narrative through accretion. That was the genre used by Henry Raddick, star Amazon Reviewer, who became a famous [123] for being tangental in review comments. For example his take on the book God, Why Did Dad Lose His Job?

A truly wonderful guide which has enabled me to explain my recent sacking for vandalising company property to my children in terms of a minor act of redemption. First rate.

Stories told through marketing ephemera and graffiti. Stories told in the background through an accretion of evidence and seemingly random misdirection….