Scientia est Polentia

The Information Awareness Office removed it’s masonic overlord logo in the face of worldwide confusion at how fucking obvious they were being. The IAO Total Information FAQ [pdf] was bold enough to claim that the all-seeing eye in the pyramid with it’s globe spanning death beam was actually just a clever rebus (“the eye stands for the letter I…”). As befits any earth-bound godling worth their lightning-bolt spear, they have no shame.

Sadly, all that remains of this striking work of jubulant cynicism are freedom thongs (profits to the ACLU courtesy of Richard Gingras). Which means Dr. Weird never did get around to explaining the occult roots of “IAO” itself…

John Zorn links IAO to Satan. Or it could be the Great Work, as expressed in the Union of the 5 and 6 which equals 11 = Abrahadabra = IAO = 203 = 23. Of course there is an etymological identity between Tetragrammaton and “I A O”, but the magical formulae are entirely different, as the descriptions here given have schewn.

Knowledge is Power” ?