Insect Drugs…

There’s just not enough of them.

Although “spanish fly” is made from the emerald green blister beetle, irritation of the urinary tract is just not enough.

In 1839, Augustin de Saint-Hilaire found the Brazilian Malalis natives using a grub called bicho de tacuara (bamboo-worm) which was used to induce an visionary stupor:

one of these worms dried, without the head but with the intestinal tube; and then they fall into a kind of ecstatic sleep, which often lasts more than a day, and similar to that experienced by the Orientals when they take opium in excess. They tell, on awakening, of marvellous dreams…

Is this really the only intoxicating insect? Why are we allowing these freeloaders to take up so much biomass without even getting us high?

Genetic engineering of mutant roaches with hallucinogenic properties you say? A fine idea! But would it work? Control both insect pests and the drug fiend pests with one twist of a gene? If you were to feed roaches only moldy rye bread and they eventually begin to speak to you in a strange angelic language, should you eat them? Maybe better to just make art

In any case, there’s always a party over at the Arachnidae house:

After the customer pays a fee of 150 to 200 rupees (about $A5-7) the scorpion is produced and placed on the body of the thrill-seeker, who is then viciously stung.

Users say after the initial pain the venom produces an illusionary, floating feeling.

Be-Bop!! Cola!! Good!!