@zota for the week of 2011-09-08

  • Oh no no, file permissions. Fuck YOU! #
  • Aww. Poor Kafka is infinity limp.

    http://t.co/P0U3ekr http://t.co/B6lRnPh #

  • I used chown. Fixed problem. #wizard #lightningBolt #
  • I wanna click "like" on my fav parts of the Constitution, but I'm afraid it will spam me. #cyberneticBanality
    http://t.co/IGpLv2n #
  • "the government could no longer guarantee the security of its websites and urged the public not to log into into them"

    http://t.co/Cj3y6AC #

  • It spammed me. #
  • Switching from epic fantasy fiction to a sysadmin's emailed description of a network outage – no difference in language at all. #