links for 2010-04-29

  • "This, and other radar images that SkyTruth is getting, confirm what we've seen on the NASA/MODIS images so far, and support our conservative calculations showing that in the first week of this spill at least 6 million gallons have entered the Gulf. That's a spill rate of at least 850,000 gallons (20,000 barrels) per day, 20 times larger than the official Goast Guard estimate of 42,000 gallons per day."
  • Inspired by peepshow booths and confessionals, Theatre for One is a space designed for one performer and one audience member with no barrier between them.
  • Using an Apple II as a Twitter display. To transfer code from a PC onto the Apple: "I hooked wires up to the Joystick button port as seen below. I call it the Track & Field protocol since it works by rapidly toggling the joystick buttons."