links for 2010-04-28

  • How does demanding that national governments hide all the worlds culture behind an "iron-clad" paywall equate to "leading the fight against bland consensus reality"? In this system, you'd need to have a working computer, an up-to-the-minute browser, a micropayment account, an bank account to feed the micropayment account, an always-on internet connection, an officially recognized political and financial identity, and stable trustworthy national government. Just to read a book. How does telling 80% of the world's population that you don't consider them privileged enough to read your book or hear your song in any way relate to "fighting consensus reality"?  ls it because this Orwellian nightmare is so much worse that the mess we have now, it's likely to induce psychotic hallucinations? 

    But the stuff about Jaron Lanier as a CG octopus kinda makes sense.